24 June 2010


Collection of mouth watering fruits,stitched about eleven years ago..I have heard that placing a picture like this on the west side wall of your living room is believed to bring good luck.Really enjoyed every moment of stitching this design, as there are number of fruity colors involved.


I stitched this design about ten years ago.

23 June 2010


I have decorated my daughter's room with these four cute ducklings cross stitched in lovely shades of yellow , blue and green.



I have stitched two of them.. One representing the dawn and the other depicting the night.You can see the sun behind the day fairy as she wakes up to the bright dawn, while the night fairy rests serenely, sleeping on the leaf of a plant with the moon behind her.....Took one year each to complete them.I have pasted some crystals as well to represent the stars


ANGEL OF SPRING--Cross stitched on blue aida..Plenty of rice beads have been used to decorate the edges of the angel's costume.The violin stick is represented by a few strands of metallic threads stitched one over the other.It took more than a year to complete this beautiful angel flying about in the mid night blue sky daintily playing her violin.


This is the largest tapestry i have done so far... It took almost a year to complete the project.. The design is called ROSE OF SHARON..

22 June 2010


Cherubs are considered as members of the second order of angels, whose distinctive gift is knowledge, often represented as a winged child or winged head of a child..Here i have uploaded the pictures of three cherubs, i have cross stitched on off white aida.. A cherub sending a dove representing peace, another one bestowing the earth with rain and the third one playing a harp...They all looked so dainty in the pictures that i could not wait any longer to get them stitched and framed.Some beads are also used in the designs. Blue rice beads represent the cloud burst.They are also used to decorate the edges of the cherub's dress and the head ornament. Metallic threads have been used to depict the strings of the harp..Some metallic strands are also used to stitch the rain bowl.

17 June 2010

Apples And Pears

Its summer, almost at its peak especially in the gulf countries...Quench your thirst by simply looking at a bunch of blushing pears and luscious red apples !....One of my favorites i love to sit and watch while having my brunch..It took almost three months to complete each of these designs...And got them framed in a colour matching the foliage ...Dear friends start a similar design during this summer.. You will definitely enjoy every moment you work on it......Happy cross- stitching....Mini Binoy

15 June 2010


My first and one of the best tapestries done years back.. It took almost one year to complete this design called THE KISS.....I got the inspiration from a Philipino friend of mine who is also an ardent lover of tapestry...When I saw her completed project, I was really amazed...And when she encouraged me to do one like hers I was not at all confident...But my sweet friend continued to encourage me, which ended up in me starting this project and to tell you all frankly i really enjoyed every moment I spent on this project.. I was too enthusiastic to complete the faces first..When I finished with them I was even more eager to complete the whole design.. So my dear friends, please do not get discouraged when you see a large pattern..Just enjoy doing it at your own pace, as a hobby.. Do not get disheartened if you find the work progressing slowly...Just dream about the day you finish your project and get it framed !...Think of all the admiring eyes around you!! C'mon u can do it!!...Happy cross-stitching!!......................Warm Regards,Mini Binoy