17 March 2011


This is the very first tote bag I made.. I don't remember the measurements I had taken since the fabric had been cut and kept in my cupboard since last december..(frankly speaking,I did not exactly follow the measurements in any tutorial)...But due to some reason or the other I cud'nt complete it... I stitched it for my daughter, to give her a surprise gift next time she visits me here during her summer vacation.

The outer fabric in dark blue is in a japanese theme ..A theme I have always fancied..The lining is made of dark blue and white polka dotted fabric...The outer fabric pieces have been reinforced with batting and the front piece has been embellished with gold metallic on the girl's umbrella.. Interfacing has been applied to both the front and the back linings...So also the pockets...Am not yet an a expert in giving a tutorial.. But have taken a few snaps now and then , for you to make out how I have done it. Especially the interior.. If you watch the inside you can see a no: pockets for various uses...In addition to the pockets there are two fabric rings on either side to hold a small tupperware water bottle and a three fold umbrella or the sun glass case..The rings can be made to stretch since I have passed a piece of elastic through them..There is also one zippered pouch attached on one side.. I have not sewn the top edge of the pouch to the lining ,so that I get an additional pocket behind it...Only the three other sides have been sewn to the interior to keep it standing..The deep narrow pocket with a wooden button at the top ,beside the pouch is for holding the hair brush.The other pockets are for the lipstick, powder compact, eye liner ,chapstick etc...There are also spaces for a scribbling pad and pen..The rest of the technique in sewing is the simple method we usually see in tutorials..You can make out from the pics given..With the left over fabric am planning to sew a mobile pouch also for my daughter.. To surprise her, I have also made a small matching hair band with a strip of the main fabric that was left behind:)

Wish you all endless happy moments with needle and thread!!

15 March 2011


I have been thinking of making a sewing kit or book for quite some time..But didnt want to follow any tutorial for my requirements were different ..So by writing them down and then drawing a sketch helped a lot ..I made this one in a simple way anyone can copy..I don't have the patience for doing a tutorial but am very much sure that my craft land friends are smart enough to make out how I have done it..If you have a close watch over the different cases I have attached to the lining piece,it's a piece of cake for you!! I have made a scissor case, a small zippered pouch, one simple pin cushion, few needle leaves to rest my needles that are used often, two long cases for storing my pencil, pen and measuring tape and another case for my rotary cutter..The pouch has been attached by machine sewing , at the centre.. It will stand up politely as you open the book!!(lol)..!..Its meant as a 'store all pouch' ,I have even stored my calcium and vitamin suppliments inside the pouch..( whenever I open the book it reminds me to take my daily supply!!)..The small red coloured pocket inside the pouch carries my tailor's chalk!This idea is to protect the other articles inside the pouch from getting soiled by the chalk powder.The scissor pouch is large enough to store one medium and one small sized scissor...The red coloured felt needle leaves are attached to the inside of the covering flap of the rotary cutter case..This way they will hide themselves neatly.All the cases as well as the inner fabric have been reinforced using interfacing..I have quilted the outer fabric lightly along the envelope designs.There are tiny rose designs over which some beads have been attached.

Hope my friends have been inspired enough to make one like this today itself:):)

The small ones are simple needle and pin books.
!!..Happy stitching


06 March 2011


Three towels, Beige, Red and White adorned with elegant red rose print tops!.I have lightly quilted around the rose print to give this rectangular area an embossed appearance...As well i have used some ribbons to adorn the towels!:).. you know its a weakness for me!:).The bottom side is red polka dotted ,for all the three towels.These towels will impart an elegant look to the guest bathroom or wash basin!