17 August 2011


Hello friends, sorry for the delay in getting back to you all , visiting your precious blogs and

commenting on the wonderful pieces of art you might have been sharing on the web with
friends!..I have been on holiday since June.. A visit to Europe and then to native land..The former was so refreshing esp Switzerland.. If I say I felt like settling down there forever or haven't had enough of it,it would n't be an exaggeration or being less patriotic! ...In the event that you need a complete body and soul rejuvenation , then a holiday in switzerland is the solution .. Forget about too much shopping in this country other than a few souvenirs you would be tempted to take home.. On a serious note things are damn too expensive!But spending little out of the way to luxuriate in and marvel at the beauty of this green land is worth the while and money..Every second, every day was like being in heaven!The country is all green velvety turf everywhere with streams and rivers edging them! So captivating and rejuvenating! Being here on these meadows evoked sheer euphoria...humm!! An extensive portrayal can never substitute a true visit to this country.. If one can afford, this is the place that should be visited at least once in a life time without having any regret later on about having spent !...I can go on with this portrayal no end..But I prefer wisely slamming the brake here lest I would turn languid without sharing my new fabric totes with my blogland seamstresses.

Before unveiling the pictures of the new bags, I would like to share few of my fav photos of Switzerland!


A wide U- shaped bag with two sided strap.. The lining is in red fabric of the same quality as the outer fabric..( In all my bags I use the same good quality fabric for the lining as well).. The same material has been used for the flap . The strap has been quilted after applying batting in between the two layers..The lining has zipper pockets and two lace edged pockets..I regret not having taken the photos of the interior :)...Wooden buttons embellish the flap .. A loop made of red ribbon serves as a second closure in addition to the magnetic closure I have provided at the back side of the flap..Ideal as a bag to carry to college or for window shopping.. Sturdy and large enough for a real shopping as well:)
Two small bags I made for my daughter and her friend.The outer black fabric is striped and thick enough.. So neither interfacing nor batting was needed ..For the lining I used the same fabric as the flap..There is a zipper pocket inside.. Though not as large as the other bags I have made it can easily hold a five fold umbrella, a few make up articles, hair brush,a mobile phone and a little cash:)
Thats all for now friends!:).. Hope I have inspired you all again.. Longing to visit all your beautiful blogs and see the wonderful creations.
See you all next time

Until then .....

Have a happy week end and a peaceful week ahead!.......Mini