27 October 2010

Quilted Coasters and Tea Cozy

I have this habit of collecting beautiful kitchen plate towels and transforming them into something else..I don't quite like the idea of spoiling their elegance by hanging them in the kitchen all damp and shabby after wiping wet dishes.. Last week I found some very attractive kitchen towels at a home center sale..I bought a few of them..Each set had three pieces that matched each other...My fingers were getting restless till I transformed them into two tiny patchworked and quilted coasters and a tea cozy!!..Few days ago I got another chance to visit the same store again..This time luckily I cud find a matching runner..I was a little reluctant to buy it as it was bit expensive, but finally decided to buy it as it wud match the coasters and the tea cozy.For the tea cozy I used different prints on either side..On the striped side I have appliqued a leaf that I cut from the leaf printed piece.The holder on top is a piece of cotton lace with a strip of camel coloured ribbon drawn thru it.