23 April 2011


Hardly few hours left for Easter ..The day our saviour Jesus christ was resurrected from among the dead!!Remembering a famous quote by Henry Knox Sherrill",,The joyful news that Jesus's risen doesnot change the contemporary world ! Still before us lie work, discipline and sacrifice..But the fact of Easter gives us the spiritual power to do the work, accept the discipline and make the sacrifice!"...How true!! is it not!?

Today am posting one of my old posts again.. I simply luv duckilings a looot!!Here are a few, cross stitched on white aida..I adore the one that is hatching out!!!.. Just look at that cutie!!! and the way he is proudly walking away with a cap of egg shell on the head!!:):)..ohh I luv him soooo much!!(sorry for the poor picture quality!)

I hope all of my blogland friends are busy preparing goodies to celebrate His resurrection!!...

Untill next time!.............WISH YOU ALL A VERY VERY HAPPY EASTER!!!....Mini

20 April 2011

Exhibition cum sale of Tote Bags and Accessories

Display of cotton tote bags



Dinner Roll Baskets

Mobile Pouches and Eye Glass Cases

Make up pouches and purses
Red Rose towelshttp://http//ministreasuretrove.blogspot.com/2011/03/eleganza-red-rose-towels.html Recently a small exhibition cum sale of my creations was held at my kinder garten class mate, close friend and well wisher,Sapna Anu B George's residence in Oman... http://www.blogger.com/profile/08562137146285955074.. She is married to Mr Biju George and mother of three sweet kids...She excels as a talented writer and poet and a freelance journalist ..Above all a wizard at culinary skills and a wonderful homemaker!!! An altruistic person by nature ( a priceless rare trait we usually see around ) she has been there as a great supporter and morale booster through all my endeavour ..Myself being a kind of person who for no reason usually underestimate my self, have been consistently encouraged with affectionate persuasion by her,right from the beginning of starting this blog, for airing my creations!.. Infact she even went to the extent of creating a blogger profile for me, thus fondly motivating my rather innate timid self ! I take this oppertunity to extend my sincere gratitude towards her with a heart full of love and prayers for her well being..

Thank you Sapna, May God Almighty shower His blessings upon you and your family in never ending abundance!...................Affectionately,Mini


09 April 2011


As I said in my previous blog post about my bag making craze, I still am in its spree..I made three different totes, in a dull linen and bright rose theme...All of them have been reinforced with cotton batting and quilted to render extra sturdiness..Interfacing has also been used on the lining fabric.On one of them I have attached a few fabric flowers and some raw edged appliqued leaves on a ric rac stem.Another one is embellished with folded fabric flowers and leaves..The interior of all the bags are deep enough and have pockets to lodge plenty of things..Sorry , I forgot to take photographs of the interior..Seems like I have to forget something every time!!:):).The straps are wide enough...The bag you see just below is a linen based one , with the front main fabric having a rose print pocket and solid reddish maroon strap..The back is done in the opposite manner with solid coloured pocket and rose printed strap.On all the bags you can see my addiction to ribbon bows!!:)

The accessories include a reading glass case, travel tissue cozy,mobile cases,card holders , make up kit, change purse, a sling bag to carry during a small shopping etc.. I have this habit of carrying a'Johnson's baby wet wipes' pack with me where ever I travel..I did not want to ignore it either..So I have stitched a cute li'l bigger cozy for that too.

A make up kit....
These are a few of my fav mobile cases I've stitched !
A sling bag for a small shopping...

An eye glass case....
Another make up kit ..
Card holders...

Travel tissue cozies...
A fabric flower on one of my change purses...
Johnson's baby wet wipes cozy....
A fav mobile case!
One of the bags embellished with fabric flowers and raw edged appliqued leaves.....

Another fav bag....

Get inspired!!!!!

Untill next time....Have a nice week!!...................................Mini Binoy

02 April 2011


These days I have been crazy making tote bags and matching accessories to go with them.. This fabric in particular attracted me because of its golden bamboo print..Glad I could find a coordinating solid mustard..The mobile pouch has a small pocket on the outside fabric..((( To be frank,I detest the word 'pouch'!! an unpleasant name for such lovely things!!..I happened to read in somebody's tutorial for purses, feeling the same as I do about it..:):).....So lemme call it 'mobile case'..A better name I think!!...For this one,I followed the same pattern you see in one of the bags below...Instead of fabric straps I found the lace handles more attractive on such a tiny thing!!The Glass Case has been made the same way we make ordinary totes with lining ,but without handles...Have done a li'l bit of quilting along the top on the solid mustard.Have a look at the tiny travel tissue packs.They are really cute to carry in hand bags... Until next time,,, Have a nice day!!