20 April 2011

Exhibition cum sale of Tote Bags and Accessories

Display of cotton tote bags



Dinner Roll Baskets

Mobile Pouches and Eye Glass Cases

Make up pouches and purses
Red Rose towelshttp://http//ministreasuretrove.blogspot.com/2011/03/eleganza-red-rose-towels.html Recently a small exhibition cum sale of my creations was held at my kinder garten class mate, close friend and well wisher,Sapna Anu B George's residence in Oman... http://www.blogger.com/profile/08562137146285955074.. She is married to Mr Biju George and mother of three sweet kids...She excels as a talented writer and poet and a freelance journalist ..Above all a wizard at culinary skills and a wonderful homemaker!!! An altruistic person by nature ( a priceless rare trait we usually see around ) she has been there as a great supporter and morale booster through all my endeavour ..Myself being a kind of person who for no reason usually underestimate my self, have been consistently encouraged with affectionate persuasion by her,right from the beginning of starting this blog, for airing my creations!.. Infact she even went to the extent of creating a blogger profile for me, thus fondly motivating my rather innate timid self ! I take this oppertunity to extend my sincere gratitude towards her with a heart full of love and prayers for her well being..

Thank you Sapna, May God Almighty shower His blessings upon you and your family in never ending abundance!...................Affectionately,Mini



Amanda@RelovedRubbish said...

Congratulations on your sale Mini! You are so talented and all of your beautiful creations!


Pradeepa said...

Congrats to you on your exhibition cum sale and your friend for making it happen.

Pearlin J said...

They are all beautiful.As you said it is truly rare to find such selfless friends.You are one lucky lady Mini.Wish you all the v best for your future endeavors.

Sapna Anu B.George said...

Thanks Mini for the lovely words , i don't have to do anything special but you did inspire me with your creativity. God bless you

MiniBinoy said...

thank you all so much for your lovely comments and sincere wishes.:)

Deepa said...

Keep up the good work,Mini.

Anonymous said...

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