22 September 2010


This is my wedding day snap that has been portrayed by my immensely talented friend SIGY SUSAN ALEXANDER..You can see some of her other awesome work, in her FACE BOOK profile(SUSAN ALEXANDER).After going thru the albums of her creations,a sudden idea struck me to own a portrait of mine done by her. Quite unhesitatingly she agreed to my request .I sent her a close up snap of mine as I thought it wud help her to have an idea of my features more clearly. Within a few days she sent me a mail and an attachment that made me wonderstruck!!She has portrayed me with the utmost originality.Hats off to you Sigy!!May God bless you to come out with more of such brush strokes in future!!..Wish you all success in life............Mini Binoy

14 September 2010

Feature(Vanitha veedu)

I was featured in the August issue of a Malayalam magazine, called "Vanitha veedu".

10 September 2010

Vanitha Veedu August Issue(Feature)

I was featured in the August issue of a Malayalam magazine called Vanitha veedu .

09 September 2010


Star specked sky on a winter night..Can see a chapel and snow clad fir trees as well..Silver metallics have been used to stitch the snow covered ground..Though a simple design this is one of my favorites..It was stitched about 10 years ago.