23 December 2010


A red christmas cake mat with appliqued tree ornaments..Edges are lined with metallic back stitches.Sandwiched with cotton batting to lend a cushion effect..Backing is shaded green fabric ,same as the piping.

21 December 2010


I made two more towels for the season.. This time a xmassy red one, again with tree top ,adorned with jingle bells ,ribbons and laces.The white one is with a transparent white lace bow in the middle..

20 December 2010


A set of place mats and coasters of different sizes...I found this beautiful vintage fabric at a store here in Oman..Its dusty pink in colour with antique gold design that appears like some script...The puddings n pies designs are placed at equal distance from each other, that enabled me to cut out small patches for the coasters...For the runner I haven't used batting, but interfacing to make it stiff..So also the placemats..The coasters are given a li'l cushion effect by sandwiching with cotton batting...Before joining the front piece to the backing I did some back stitch along the outer edges of the puddings..A li'l bit of lazy daizy n tiny bullions were also embroidered over some minute details in the design... The runner is as long as my dining table, with tassels on both ends.

07 December 2010


A fabric painted table cloth I did almost eight years ago!...The gold painted poinsettias have begun to fade..I think they will need a touch up before next year's christmas..Still presentable with an antique finish.Well, am not an expert in fabric painting..But enjoyed every minute of doing it !! :)The tiny white flowers have been done using the type of paint that puffs up while ironing after it dries up.Hence they have an embossed surface.

Mini's Treasure Trove 023-1

Mini's Treasure Trove 027-1Mini's Treasure Trove 014-1Mini's Treasure Trove 012-1


Another festive snow white ornamental face towel with blue and silver snow covered pine tree top embellished with silver bells to match and silver, pale green and blue ribbon bows to adorn the bells.. I have also attached an off white lace and a few blue crystals to compliment my silver blue stocking I had posted earlier.

05 December 2010


A christmas table cloth I stitched about ten years ago!!Still in perfect condition, I take turns to spread it every christmas with another red table cloth that I have fabric painted...The green colour of the fabric is not that bright, but a sombre shade...At that time I couldn't find a bright green fabric wide enough to cover my table and reach down to the sides.. Hence I had to satisfy myself with this solemn green hue and work on it.

The embroidery is mostly back stitch and satin..Gold metallics have been used for the bells and the flame of the candle..As well the holly leaves are also edged with the matallics..There's a santa peeping from behind a christmas tree, an angel and a few wrapped gifts I stitched due to my li'l daughter's insistence at that time..At the center there is an embroidered christmas greeting ,"Merry Christmas".


Just imagine the pleasure of listening to the cute gentle chime of bells as you pat dry your face in the morning after a beauty bath!!!The chime of bells always have a tranquillising effect on the nerves,,,no doubt !!This is a snow white christmas face towel with a tree shaped top ..The top is quilted to make it sturdy and adorned with cute li'l bells to represent the ornaments..The tree top is a bow made of a gold and coloured ribbons..I luv the off white fringe I have stitched along a li'l above the bottom edges.It was full of fun working with it!!!

04 December 2010


A holiday table runner embellished with appliqued stars over Red Christmas Robbins perched on pine twigs N cones..The stars have been cut out from hard drawing paper using cookie cutters of various sizes ..Since the cookie cutters didnot have such sharp points I had to make some changes in the drawing...These were then used as templates for the stars from the fabric as well as from the fusible web.....The fabric cuts were then stitched along with the similar cuts of fusible web ..(The right side of the fabric and the sticky side of the web facing each other).. They were then machine stitched and turned out so that the sticky side of the web comes out...These in turn were ironed onto the fabric.. This helps to hold the design in place while doing applique..Actually it is not necessary to do applique after they are ironed on ..But I just wanted to make sure that they remain there intact even after undergoing several washing cycles..I have done even the applique using simple machine stitch..The stars were then embellished along the sides using back stitch in gold metallic floss..The tips have been adorned with a few gold beads.The backing material is plain red fabric , the same one used as border. As well I have used some batting to give a li'l cushion effect to my runner.
In the pic you can see my 'White chocolate Strawberry Almond Cheese Cake' I am sending to a chocolate event in blogger.