25 January 2011

Just a few honey coated words!!!

After returning to Oman from a hectic holiday in India, I have not yet been in full swing when it comes to crafting..I had taken my cross stitch kit with me to India, but couldn't find time even to open my craft bag.. I think I need some time to come back in action again with my needle and thread.. Two days of rain in Oman changed the mood a lot, but felt like watching the the misty mornings with the cloud capped mountains , sipping hot coffee...Even in the cold weather I felt like getting drenched in rain.. I longed to be outdoors, doing nothing but nature watching!..Two days of continuous rain had formed puddles here and there,making the bull bulls and sparrows no longer interested in the bird bath I have provided ..While strolling in the garden , I had this inner urge to peep into the inner branches of a tree , hoping to find some birds nest among the lush foliage..This tree is often visited by a lot of birds thru out the year.. A few cats in the vicinity always wait in patience under the tree, hoping to find a tasty dinner among the flock..Now instead of finding any birds or nests, this is what I found among the inside branches,, nature's hard workers busy at work in a bee hive as big as about 6 inches in diameter.. I have often seen honey bees collecting nectar from the flowers in my garden but have never expected to find a hive in my own compound.. Since there's no craft to blog about tdy , this is what I feel like sharing with my friends..A few pics of my garden friends!. Pls have a look at natures busy bees!! I wanted to capture a few close ups of the hive, but was afraid to get any closer.. How can I convince them that if they pose for a photo shoot I cud make them world famous !!! ?

24 January 2011


A mini purse I made following "QUITSALOTT little purse tutorial".I was not at all confident of doing a fine job ,when it was time to attach the zipper.. But it was a piece of cake when I followed the method shown in this particular tutorial..Two pieces of the material were cut, one for the outside and another one for the lining..One piece of batting of the same size as the other two pieces of cloth is also used to sandwich the two materials..Mild quilting is done diagonally at wider intervals..Before quilting I embroidered some lazy daisies along some of the blooms in the print.As well I have attached a bling to the zip end to make the opening and closing easier!If you want to follow the quitsalott tutorial here's the link, http://quiltsalott.blogspot.com/2010/03/little-purse-tutorial.html