14 February 2011

My First Born's 23 year old Booties keepsake

Here I have posted the pictures of my first born Tarun's baby booties of the first year of his birth ..It has been cherished with tender loving care ever since.. My naughty li'l fellow is no longer a child .but a big man of 23 running a small software company in Pune, India...On this valentines day I dedicate this work of mine to my son with all my love ! He has been a joy to all of us since he was born and our family feels so proud of him..This post is to inspire all my craft land friends to cherish precious things from the past.

I still remember the day I was scanned during my pregnancy and my doc announced that it was a baby boy.! To be frank,I was not that happy to know that it was a boy !..I had always wished to have a baby girl, and to deck her up with all my embroidered and smocked frocks and matching cute accessories..Seeing my disappointment my mom scolded me for not being happy at the knowledge that it was a healthy baby!! Like all mothers she adviced me to pray to Almighty, to bless us with a healthy baby irrespective of the sex...Yes this made me feel so guilty of my stupid thoughts!(immature thoughts and dreams of a young woman who was on the threshold of stepping into her twenties!!:):)..)But somehow I had to satisfy my secret longings to see my baby in girl's frocks!..I started stitching cute li'l baby outfits with tiny embroideries, bullion roses and smockings on all of them.. And not to mention the cutely embroidered sheets for his baby cot!! I cannot forget the day my mom and myself went to a shop called Tara in Cochin to buy all those baby stuff that were needed in the beginning, immediately after the delivery!!I was really going crazy grabbing this and that and finally paying a heavy bill ,all for my precious li'l one who was on the way to this colourful world filled with wonders!!These blue booties were also bought on the same day ..While my heart and fingers went to grab every thing pink, my mom constanltly reminded me about the doctor's scanning result!:):)..Every one in the family was against me preparing and hogging things before the baby was born! Some superstitious thoughts, you see!!But God Almighty is always kind and understanding!!My first born,a sweet healthy baby boy came into this world on November 16 , 1987!

On this valentines day I know my son would feel really happy and smile with misty eyes at this new post of mine. I expect a call from him any time now,saying Mom I Love You!!Seeing this post I know what my other children are going to ask."Mom, where are our booties by the way?"...:):)..To be frank I have no answer..But their first b'day suits are still there with me..To satisfy my passion for stitching girl's frocks I made my daughter's first b'day frock myself!...

I am sure going thru this post my friends would be inspired to cherish such treasures that would bring them a lot of nostalgia later in life!!..And imagine their lit up faces when they come to know that you had treasured their belongings all these years ! It needn't be your baby's belongings, but anything from the past that would evoke nostalgia , say for ex:- a b'day gift from your childhood playmate,even if its only small greeting card,or your husband's first b'day gift for you, or even a love letter you got from him during your courtship days!!(((I know its not a clever idea to keep love letters framed and hung in your house!!!:):):),,,,so cherish them but not framed!!!:):):):):)Still it's a loving way of showing how you care for the love and care they have gifted you with ! Here I have pasted the booties onto a valentine heart, centered on a red polka dotted piece of fabric base and mounted inside a photo frame..Of course with out the glass ! The other two snaps are of Tarun and myself, one taken in the year of his birth(1987) and the other one, on his 23 rd b'day in 2010.

So my dear friends,ending my post with tons of love and inspiration to all of you on this valentine's day,
With the warmest regards, Mini

13 February 2011


Well,, today is the well known important day of the year , the Valatine's day,,,that special day all lovers around the globe look forward to, to offer and accept love laden gifts and make their sweet hearts smile with glee and hug each other in delight..!!But who said valentines day is meant for lovers only?!Is it not a great idea to visit your close friend, or mom and dad or your brothers and sisters and make them also happy and smile with joy by giving them pretty gifts as well..Think of the joy on their face when you just ring them up and say you luv them and miss them too!..Am a person who loves all these wonderful occassions but my partner says days like
valentine's day are gimmicks meant and encouraged for commercialization!..According to him one does not need a special day for saying I love you or I miss you to one's dear and special ones..Such manifestations of love are not meant to be exploited!..It has always been an issue for argument that will not reach any where at the end..so "leave it" I say to myself each time:):)..But is it not a great lovely idea to make some exquisite handmade gifts and present them to your special ones on this auspicious day for manifesting love?Whether it be your husband, lover ,parents sibling or friends , it does not make any difference!

This valentine's day I decided to make a few things to suit that special feeling of love..A set of heart shaped dresser set to adorn the unit! These make very pretty gifts too,to gift your mom or sisters or friends who adore handmade tokens of luv..I have not taken step by step photographs of the method.. But its so simple and easy for the needle and fabric crazy folks.. All you need is some pretty fabric with some red print, matching lace, iron on interfacing , some pretty satin ribbons , few beads, sewing machine threads etc..of course you have to make a heart template before you begin with the fabric.. I used a heart shaped baking dish to cut out the template from a piece of white card paper..Then it was used to draw the shape on the fabric and a few pieces were cut out..I used printed fabric for the top and plain red for the back..Both were then made stiff by applying interfacing..To the stiffened top piece,lace was attached with the edge of the lace facing towards the interior of the top piece...The right side of the lace should face the right side of the top fabric...Here for stitching I prefered invisible thread on my machine...Do not pull the lace while stitching as this can result in the lace being curved out or inward once the project is complete...Then I placed the bottom piece over the top one, right sides facing each other.. Sew all around leaving a three inch opening to turn the right side out later.. Once turned out it was pressed well.. Its now easier to hand sew the open side...Iron again.. And then attach the bows and beads and give them a final press!..voi-l'a..The dresser mat is ready!I made a set of two large and two small hearts !

The red towel was made adorable by appliquing the hearts..Here also I have stiffened the top piece..But have not attached any bottom piece to it since it was going to be appliqued onto the towel..I machine appliqued the heart and then the lace was subsequently machine stitched using invisible thread along the edge of the heart..My passion for attaching the laces and ribbons wud not make me feel comfortable if I had left it without adding some embellishments !!..Hence a few bows and beads were also added.. I hope this set gives my followers an inspiration to make one set like this for your own dresser unit or to use as give away!

Once again wishing you all a very happy Valentine's day!!Enjoy every moment you spend with your special ones!....and of course with your needle and thread!!..................Warm Regards, Mini .