27 January 2012


Decorative towels have always been very tempting..They liven up even the simplest of bathrooms, thus rendering a luxury bath experience.. But most of the time these dainty pieces of fabrics occupy the store shelves with unaffordable prize tags attached to them.. I find this way of decorating towels extremely exciting with plenty of fun filled moments...They are much economical and at the same time provide an expensive appearance to the otherwise plain looking towels...I had quite a good collection of plain coloured cotton towels that called for some strongly contrasting details before use.. Below are those towels after make over.

What you see below is infact a make over granted to a hand embroidered sky blue sari border..I had this sari transformed into a salwar kameez .. I asked the tailor to hand me back any left over embroidered border if at all there was any.. He handed over a very short strip of the border that was left behind...Wondered how to make use of this pretty hand embroidered portion on something that would show off its beauty completely..Thus the idea of attaching it to a snow white towel struck my mind.. Even after sewing it to the edge of a large towel,a squarish piece was left behind.. Had no heart to waste it either.. So came with the idea to create a matching small towel as well..Still a small narrow strip was remaining.. This has been used along the edge of the small towel..I have provided a holder at the back of the small towel using a narrow strip of blue fabric itself..(oops!!!forgot to take the photo)
Petit blue lace embellish the edges

White ribbon bow with a flower lace and blue crystal bead adorn the towel top
Strawberry printed accents attached to snow white towels of various sizes..Red ric-rac and olive lace used to embellish.

A small pink towel with laced edges
Saphire blue and beige towels with different borders

I luv this saphire blue a great deal.
Greenish blue and beige with contrasting borders and laces
Black Red N White Harmony-- Snow white terry towel with black and white printed accent.. This is one of my fav japanese cottons I have in my stash...Highlighted with tiny black and white polka dotted fabric,black laces, red ribbon and a decorative button having a mat finish.

Red spaghetti thin strip attached along the top border to highlight the black and white theme
Four off white coloured towels with accent borders
Sunflower accent with dark green printed borders and a laced edge
I luv the brightness this sunflower print offers the bathroom
Off white towels with accent fabrics in green and white polka dots and tiny red blooms on off white background...The second one is with black and white polka dotted and red bloom on off white fabrics as accents... Crocheted flower,bow and red ric-rac as embellishments.
The green fabric is cotton but has a very smooth satin finish..As well the off white fabric with blooms.
Off white japanese cotton with a spray of petite red blooms as central accent..White polka dots on black indian cotton edged with red ric-rac as borders.Black,red and white ribbon bow with a dark red crystal in the center as adornments.
Hawaiian Breeze.. luv this fabric with off white shoe flowers.Navy ric- rac and offwhite lace with olive ribbon drawn through,along the borders.
Candy pink towel with bunches of tiny pink roses on black...bordered with black and white dotted fabric and olive lace.
Off white terry towel with yellow florals on mustard .. green and white polka dots as border edged with off white lace.
Off white ric-rac along the sides and upper edge of the mustard accent.Luv the subtle satin finish of the cottons.
A daintily embroidered lumbar pillow to use in the car...Bullion roses ,buds, french knots, lazy daisies and ribbon roses have been used to decorate the border.
Luv the pinkish purple lace and the ribbon flowers.. I have made the flowers using the thinnest ribbon avalable here. Also attached a few rice beads in the center to depict pollen.
Was this li'l long a post? In the sheer thrill of sharing them with my sew crazy friends I couldn't keep myself under control while uploading the pictures..Thank you for stopping by and posting your valuable comments.. Your lovely comments are encouraging to a treamendous extend.. As well sincere thanks to all readers who visit the blog from google.
Hope all of you are having wonderful sewing moments . May God bless each and every one of you with plenty and plenty of creativity..
Until next time ,
with the warmest regards..........................Mini

13 January 2012


2011 passed in no time and the new year came into light with lots of promises and resolutions that are usually not meant to be kept at all.. at least for me:))..This years resolution was to finish off all the UFO s esp my cross stitch project,Lissander, from Mystic Stitch.. She is a kinda belly dancer and the design calls for an elaborate work with charts that spread out over 20 pages.. humm no idea when she will be able to emerge into life..!!..Then there are heaps of fabric stash hoarded over a period of time having numerous creative thoughts in mind:) .They all need to be tended to.If only I could be ingenious :)
This year's priority was- a drawing room make over... I was waiting till new year to remove all the christmas themed soft furnishings and pack them up.. The next step was to replace them with something that would be ideal for regular use .. I had some cream and off white casement almost similar to linen but little stiffer than that.. I simply luv it a lot .. Very easy to handle for any needle work..The best fabric that has a vintage coarse texture as well as a stylish look.But I didnt want to use it plain without a dash of coordinating print here and there.. The bird panel you see in the pictures here is one of my favourite fabrics .. luv it esp for its vintage appearance ..The fabric is cotton from 'Bird Song'.. Birds always have an integral part in my life.. I luv watching them take bath in my bird bath, pecking each other and standing impatiently in the que for a chance to splash water..Cherish the view of them hopping around and searching for grains n worms.. All these have been a feast for the soul as I watch them in the mornings with a steaming cup of coffee.. They make my day no end!..It is this love for these cute little angels that made me purchase this bird panelled fabric in bulk..But always wondered how to apply them in my sewing projects..:)
The throw pillow covers you see below are the starters of this new year.. As the covers were getting ready I was like itching to stitch a few more accessories for the room.. So ended up sewing a center table runner, tissue box cover, and two coffee table covers..
Bird pannels appliqued on off white casement..wooden button and ricrac to embellish..I simply luv that script on the top left panel.Its in antique gold.
Another one with four different bird panels.Ricrac and wooden buttons as embellishments
A cream casement pillow with bird panels arranged diagonally.
Off white pillow with vintage lace and and the border of the bird panel applied on either sides of the lace.. wooden buttons attached along the lace.

Two coffee table spreads..pls have a look at my mitered corners below:)
Glad I could make the mitered corners as neat as possible.:))
The wrong side of the mitered corner..dont you think its okayyy?:))Wow I like that rustic coarse look of the fabric!
CENTER TABLE RUNNER... with bird panel appliques ,wooden buttons and tassels as embellishments.
TISSUE BOX COVER..Instead of satin ribbons to tie, I used small loops of kinda thin cord and wooden buttons.

Well thats all for the day friends..Thank you all millions for taking a few moments of your precious time in dropping by my humble blog and encouraging me with such lovely comments..
Wish you all happy moments with needle n thread... May the Almighty bless all my blogland friends with plenty and plenty of creative ideas.
With the warmest regards ....................Mini