06 October 2012


Hi Friends,

Its a long time, precisely eight months,that I have been away from the blogland, neither blogging nor visiting your captivating blogs and posts.. Well life has been hectic with parental commitments and so on..Infact during this course of time I learnt how a complete long black out from the regular hobbies can make one lose touch with them.. Might not be a problem with everyone.. But for me I had begun to lose touch with my needle work skills. Procastination along with a starting trouble was always pulling me back .. Finally the mere sight of one fav blue and white gingham changed the moods altogether and I kinda became haunted with a few ideas to sew.. This time fabric totes again.. But one or two new accessories like a Travel folder,a fabric file are new attempts...Down the line I have been making errors and often had to refer to tutes and other sewing techniques...So needed lil bit of seam picking and alterations here and there before completing them.But it has been interesting since the designs are my own .
I purchased the white cotton lace from a lace shop in Pune(India) during my previous visit to my elder son in February..He didnt have much idea where I would be able to find sewing accessories but managed to collect info from his female collegues.. Visit to some of the shops was such a beautiful experience.. I was gaga over the loads of pretty laces ribbons and sewing accessories I could find there.. No wonder if they had tempted me to hoard to my heart's content..

In the bag seen above, the main fabric is blue and white gingham with the base of the tote in polka dotted cotton..The bottom corners have been boxed to give more structure to the base.The layers are all interfaced.

The one seen below is with a plain blue outer fabric and blue and white gingham lining..The interior pockets are in plain blue ..There are pockets on both sides of the main body.

 Slots for papers, pen and scribbling pads have been provided.
The round metallic button seen in the picture is actually silver coloured.(I see a golden tinge in then picture below )
One zipper unit for cash, ticket slot( the gingham top slot),
slots for cards, passport,pen etc are provided
Guess this project has been a kickstart for myselves.. I needed a lot of inspiration after the break and to a great extend my sweet friend Nima has been able to spark off the dormant creativity in me..She is on a trip to India to be with her inlaws.. Such a charming lady she is; am sure her inlaws would defintely be more than gratified to have her with them.You can have a gala time going through an assortment of eyecandies if you visit her bloghttp://www.madetotreasure.blogspot.com/
My teenaged daughter who is studying there in India has been asking me for quite some time now, to sew some bags that would match her jeans and tops. These will be my Christmas gifts for her .. Hope she will luv to use them with her white tops and light blue jeans.
Before winding up this post lemme remind myselves about the bunches of goodies waiting for me in all your awesome breathtaking blogs and posts.. Longing to visit them all after such a long spell of
Wish you all a great weekend with lots of cherishable sewing moments..
 With the best compliments .................Mini



Pearlin J said...

I love you attention to detail Mini.Its sooo pretty I'm sure your daughter will love them all.Welcome back :)

Mira said...

Welcome back Mini. Beautiful bag. Laces always adds to the beauty of the work.

Mira’s Talent Gallery

Jisha Madhu said...

Very special creations... Love each of them..

Rena said...

Dearest Mini,
I`m so happy to read from you again.
All the time , I had miss you !

Your totes & accessoies are magnificent, love them all !


Rena said...

Dearest Mini,
I`m so happy to read from you again.
All the time , I had miss you !

Your totes & accessoies are magnificent, love them all !


Hindustanka said...

These are gorgeous! I'd love to have such beautiful, feminine set :))) Thanks for taking time a sweet comment in my blog))I am following you now!Anna

Pradeepa said...

Nice to see you back Mini. Everything is wonderful! I am sure your daughter will be thrilled.

iPad Mini Silicone Case said...

That was absolutely adorable!

Fatimah Hayat said...

Mini your are very talented.i love your work i must say that you are awesome...
i am visiting your blog first time and now i am a new follower of your blog.
best wishes.

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Anonymous said...
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Preeti said...

This is adorable! Nima told me about your blog when I asked her about the beautiful cushion I saw on her blog post . You are very talented and your work is very elegant and neat. I started blogging few months back after leaving my full time job. I am not good at stitching but after seeing yours and Nima's work I am getting inspired to learn it seriously :)

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